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Student Leader Election complaints

If you belive that a candidate or their campaigns team are not acting in accordance with the election guiding principles, you can submit a grievance form.

Information on what constitutes a grievance and the relevant form can be found here. Forms must be submitted by 1pm on Friday 17th March.  No paper forms will be accepted.

Student figures

This section will give you a snapshot of the number of students at the University of Nottingham in 2017 with a breakdown of the following:

  • Overall student population
  • Number of undergraduate and postgraduate students by School
  • Number of students by Faculty

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Where students spend their time and happiness with schools

Discover the most popular places on campus where students spend their time outside of timetabled learning.

Where students spend their time

High happiness schols

Medium happiness schools

Low happiness schools

Student groups and networks on campuses

These documents will help you understand the students groups and networks on all campuses and will help you to be strategic in how you gather information about student needs and issues.

Jubilee Campus

City Hospital and Derby Campus

QMC Campus

Sutton Bonington Campus