Will Rider

I am hugely passionate and driven to improve the participation and performance levels in sport at the University. This manifesto is based upon my discussions with students and sports club members alike and is designed to provide increased opportunity for all students to play sport at any level, from beginner to elite athlete.

Photo of Will Rider


  • Lobby the University for Wednesday lectures to be removed and replaced by only seminars to provide greater timetable flexibility for those with extra-curricular commitments.

  • Create and lead the organisation of an inaugural IMS National Competition between universities with the first championship to be hosted here at the University in 2017.

  • Create Sport Cluster Groups for presidents to meet on a bi-termly basis with the Sports Officer and engage with other presidents of similar sports.

  • Lobby for flexible, termly gym memberships to cater for the needs of all students and members of sports clubs.

  • Lobby to reduce the cost of the Sutton Bonington gym membership and provide the option for a ‘top-up’ fee for SB students to gain access to all of the University Park facilities.

  • Improve the accessibility to the David Ross Sports Village from all campuses and for all associations by increasing the regularity of the hopper buses.

  • Create a charity inter-hall sports series open to all years to represent their former halls of residence and improve their ties with first year students.

  • Develop and expand the use of the Instaplay app for the IMS program, which combines social media and Top Tournament, to improve and simplify communication between teams.

  • Reform the JCR training and handover process by creating an extended overlapping period of the old and new JCR committee, with the newly elected committee taking sole control in the January.

  • Implement the role of a JCR Sport Sec Chairman onto the Sports Exec Committee to manage and improve the communication with JCR Sport Secs and increase participation in hall sport.

  • Introduce both a male and female Sports Sec onto JCR Committees, to provide greater gender equality for sporting opportunities within halls.

  • Collaborate with the Post-Graduate Officer to implement a Post-Graduate Exec Committee to improve the provisions and opportunities for post-graduate students within the university.

  • Collaborate with NSTV, URN and Impact to create an even greater and more comprehensive coverage of all University Sport.