Vyv Dryden

Photo of Vyv Dryden

I am Vyv Dryden and I am in my first year studying the fascinating subject of mechanical engineering. Though many of you may recognise me as the guy with the trike wheelchair.

From experience I know that disability can give life unique challenges that are often very difficult to overcome alone. Which inspired me to become Students with disabilities’ Officer, with the desire to make the University of Nottingham a better place for anyone with any kind of disability or health condition which affects their life and studies.

Some of my goals are:

  • To improve accessibility to all university buildings. As well as well as ensuring that systems such as lifts and hearing induction loops are properly maintained and functional.
  • Set up a greater variety of social events to appeal to as many people as possible.
  • Hold social events and challenges to boost knowledge and awareness of the various kinds of disabilities to the student population and staff. And to help remove the numerous negative attitudes towards disability.
  • Promote and support involvement in Disability sports like wheelchair basketball and goalball as well as helping to make other sports more inclusive to all.
  • To make societies more accessible and inclusive to all students.
  • Continue to improve the quality of information that is available for disabled students.

I would also like to note that it is brilliant that so many people are interested in the role of disability officer this year (yes I am aware I am going up against them in this election). However it is quite saddening that so many of the other part time officer roles in this election have one or zero candidates. Thus I also hope to encourage and support my fellow students to get as involved as they are able to and hopefully inspire many of you to run for this position, and others, in future years.

We can all achieve great things if we never give up.