I want to transform our Student Union into a more active SU, with societies encouraged and supported in undertaking a wide variety of activities for their members. I want to see the atmosphere of our university and student body become a more accessible, inclusive and welcoming one, with all students feeling happy and able to take part in extra-curricular activities.

Photo of Tom Burke


  • A Food Festival early in first term to showcase all the national cuisines students enjoy, along with societies representing specialist dietary requirements such as Vegetarian & Vegan, and how others can learn to cook these meals for themselves.
  • Open forums on SU activities in order to allow students to publicly suggest or criticise SU policies.
  • Offer performance opportunities and event organisation to societies before outsourcing.
  • Interfaith and Belief Exploration Week, with events such as a Question Time event, to give students the opportunity to explore their own beliefs, and understand the importance of belief systems to others.
  • Online and physical noticeboards to celebrate for each category of society and student club.
  • Open up the Portland Building Review by promoting public consultations with students to make it more useful for societies, such as providing adequate storage space.
  • Guaranteeing good quality alternative space for societies who regularly meet in Portland during the redevelopment, to prevent disruption to activities.
  • Use the University’s, SU’s and Student Officers social media profiles to do more to promote the events and charity work done by student groups.
  • Help society activity by making access to funding easier and providing useful services, such as printing, for free.
  • Encourage societies and sports clubs to offer more sessions on weekends, to make it easier for post-graduates and students on placements to participate in society activities.
  • Encourage societies and sports clubs to offer consent classes and ‘Lad’ culture workshops with a ‘Name and Fame’ award scheme.
  • Working with the relevant student officers, run candidate workshops for students considering running for society committee positions, with a specific focus on ensuring the diverse nature of our student body is represented.
  • Encourage all societies to have an Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer.
  • Have SU representatives based in each of the satellite campuses to ensure that the SU is easily accessible for all students, not just those based on University Park Campus.
  • Continue the fantastic work of the previous Activities Officer in establishing a student festival and society varsity events.


Have founded and managed a youth club in my hometown, with responsibility for finances, organisation and welfare for over 160 members. I am a committed and active member of numerous societies with experience in campaigning and fundraising and in attending numerous events regarding topics as far reaching as CND, party politics, the Living Wage Campaign, Junior Doctors strike, societies council, the General Election and the European Union. I understand what societies want at a grassroots level, so I know what we need to do to help them from a management level.