Seb Chimo

Photo of Seb Chimo


More integration among sports clubs

  • Establish a ‘Committee Hub’ facility, where members can work and interact with each other, and review the Sports Council, organising smaller meetings for two-way communication

Increase the promotion of sport

  • Increase publicity of games and events to create spectatorship, and revamp the SU website to include all campuses and networks under ‘Sports’.

Showcase our talent

  • Improve the media output of visual and audio content for all sports, whilst exploring the streaming of live games online and providing highlights on a UoN Sport channel.

Promote and support the Engage programme

  • Increase the number of social and beginner sports on offer, making it inclusive for all campuses, networks, postgraduate and International students.

Support the handover process

  • Redevelop the club committee training to make it more engaging and introduce a ‘Handbook’ for guidance.

Utilise JCR and Society Sports Secs

  • Improve integration between JCR and Society Sports Secs, with clubs, Sports Exec and Engage ambassadors.

Emphasise student development

  • Offer more opportunities to volunteer at BUCS and IMS fixtures, whilst developing a reward system for those who give up a significant amount of time for sport.

Support ongoing initiatives

  • Work with the Welfare for Sport Committee to ensure all students in a leadership role are trained, and continue awareness for the ‘No Homophobia in Sport’.


I have been heavily involved with sport throughout my three years at university, from performance to participation level.

This year, I am Vice President of the Men’s Cricket Club and 3rd XV captain for the Rugby Union Club, competing weekly in BUCS. Through my role as an Engage Ambassador, I have also been involved in increasing participation in social and beginner sport, whilst working to develop the programme.

I have completed a placement within the Sports Marketing & Communication Department, played IMS Football and officiated. Therefore, I have gained an understanding of what motivates people to play sport at each level, and aim to carry this on within the Student’s Union.