Scott Jennings

Former Officer Endorsements:

Matthew Styles – Education Officer – 2012/2013

Yasmin Talsi – BME Officer – 2013/2014

Abiodun (Michael) Olatokun – Community Officer 2014/2015 + ESJ Officer 2013-2014

Pheebs Lau – LGBT Officer – 2014/2015

Beth Serby – Women’s Officer – 2014/2015

Photo of Scott Jennings

Housing and Accommodation

  • Student Union Letting Agency: I’ve been working towards this since 2014, passing policy at Union Council. Student Union Letting Agencies exist at other Unions, they raise housing standards and lower agency fees. We need to replicate and innovate on the current models and apply them. For this I will implement a gradient of accreditations to push competition between landlords to further raise standards of housing.
  • Landlord Blacklist – The upcoming housing bill gives councils powers to blacklist landlords, we must lobby councils to use these powers to protect students.
  • Support and grow Nottingham Student Housing Co-op – The Housing Co-op is a project for student owned and run housing and accommodation, which has endorsed me. I’ve devoted my time and resources as a Co-Founder of the project. I believe I have the knowledge and experience to make it happen.
  • Negotiate with Robin Hood Energy Cheaper Student Energy: Robin Hood Energy, owned by the City Council, is the first local authority energy supplier. Starting in August 2015, they have reported a weaker uptake than expected. We have an opportunity to lobby for student energy rates.
  • Costs of hall accommodation and better hall food – Costs of hall accommodation on and off campus are often said to be too high and must be tackled. In addition, for the price we pay the food is nowhere near good enough. I would work to improve both issues

Student Memorial

  • A permanent memorial to students who pass away while at the university – currently there is nowhere for students to mourn and commemorate students from University Park, Jubilee, City Hospital and Derby.

Student Welfare in the Community

  • Better lighting on and off campus.
  • Improve Awareness of crisis services: i.e. Student Crisis Fund and Student Hardship Fund.
  • Create an Estrangement Fund – for student’s dependent on parental funding that become cut off, an important issue for International and LGBT students.
  • Investigate student betting – create structures with the welfare officer to help students struggling with the issue.

Careers and Employability

  • Work to bring more Third Sector (Charity), Co-operative, Social Enterprise and Local Employers onto campus.

Communication with Students

  • Comprehensive review into communication between the SU and its members – the students. The SU is not good enough at communicating what it is doing and how the Union works, we need urgent improvement and two-way communication. This includes investigating a new accessible SU website.
  • Restart the Community Reps initiative: Creating a Network of Student Reps living in student areas to survey and feedback resident and student issues.

Jubilee Guild

  • Consultation and Referendum on establishing a devolved Jubilee Guild. Covering all Jubilee halls and nearby off campus halls: Raleigh Park, Nottingham One, Saint Peters Court and Riverside Point.

Part Time Officers and Networks

  • A dedicated staff member supporting Part Time Officers and Networks – Often our Networks struggle to function and Part Time Officers can be overwhelmed by work. They need dedicated staff support.
  • Part Time Officers and Associations Office – In revamped Portland.


  • Trams: Investigate the future tram lines connecting our campuses and sites.
  • Sutton Bonington
    • Add Clifton Park and Ride Tram Stop to 901 – give SB access to the nearest Tram stop – on the 901 route already. Great for nights out and accessible to disabled students.
    • Add a midday Kegworth loop to the 901 – allowing students to go home at midday or come in later.
    • The Skylink service needs to be affordable and more frequent. It’s something SB needs and we need to make it happen.
  • 904: Time for a Fair Deal– I will investigate controversial alternatives like changing 902 services if needed to give adequate services to Derby.

Campaigns and Ethics in the SU and University

  • Living Wage – I have campaigned for the University to pay living wage to its entire staff for over 2 years. I’m currently student campaign chair and I know the university can afford it, I’m committed to seeing this through.
  • Introduce Fixed Hours Contracts – Give student staff flexible hours yet a guaranteed minimum number of hours work which can still be turned down.
  • Continue the existing Community Officers work on Refugees and push for Refugee scholarships as seen at other universities.

Catering for Students

  • Bring in a dedicated Special Dietary food provider in Portland Building.