Rajesh Ramesh

Most times, success is a matter of perseverance. I hope to achieve the following to help the Post Graduate Community at the University of Nottingham network, learn, do and achieve more than what they have before.

Photo of Rajesh Ramesh

Better and more focused communication of events and opportunities to Postgraduates

  • No more cross departmental marketing emails, focused emails on what interests you
  • An interest based-communication strategy to make sure you get what you want out of the University
  • Faculty to display potential conferences and events related to your field of study at the end of lecturers

More opportunities for International Postgraduates to engage in inter-cultural socials, skill-based and practical learning

  • Field trips and industrial visits, at least 3 per semester for Postgraduate Taught Courses to be made compulsory
  • Better access to cultural events, opportunities for individual and groups to organize events with societies with support from the SU
  • More access to timely information and support for scholarships and placements

Inclusivity of ALL Postgraduate communities in the activities and events planning

  • Increased engagement of the Black and Minorities, LGBT, Disabled, Mature and International student, Sutton Bonington, Jubilee and QMC networks in the planning of events
  • Semester ahead event planning to suit the busy schedules of Postgraduates across all campuses
  • Increased intervention in module and course frameworks for better learning
  • Translational services for International Students requiring support with academics and co-curricular activities

More opportunities for contribution to sustainability inside the campus

  • Cycle exhibitions and workshops to help more students use cycles to commute
  • More cycle stands and maintenance/pump stations to be installed across campuses

Increased opportunities for collaboration and planning with part-time officers and other stake-holder groups inside campus