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  • Create a ‘go/’ link on the UoN Online Platform- a simple ‘go-to’ directory service that enables the student to ‘go’ straight to their query, whether it is ‘go/food’ for catering options, to go/Cripps for timings, services and staff information and go/Welfare for information on our Support Services, these searches are designed to take you straight to the information requested.

  • Maintaining the strong bonds established between current Welfare and Equal Opportunity Officer and the University Support and Welfare Services.

    Upholding a constant and unwavering Welfare omnipresence in University life; I promise to be an approachable face of Welfare. Whether that be physically on Campus, Online or at University events you are aware of one stable and approachable point of call in a moment of need.

  • Using a rolling PowerPoint projection screen in each of the SU Buildings (Portland, Jubilee Atrium, Sutton Bonington Guild), alongside using Social Media-Twitter and Facebook particularly- to regularly and continuously update you on the vast array of Welfare Services available to you and Events taking place on a daily basis.

    Ensuring our Fresher and Off Campus Halls are further provided with a monthly distributed Newsletter (available in print and online) that update you of upcoming Welfare Events and Drop-Ins.

  • These are my steps to help raise your awareness of available support designed solely to help you feel included, cared for and looked after as we deal with every aspect of your University Career; from finance to mental health, medical concerns to academic pressures, sexual concerns to extenuating circumstances.

  • Ensuring the on-campus toilets are regularly checked, cleaned and kept in working order to maintain a safe and hygienic space for comfortable and ease of use.


  • Ensuring everyone is kept aware that you never have to struggle alone– that help is always readily available through numerous services, societies, and staff who are dedicated to your well-being and trained in dealing with situations confidentially and compassionately. You will never feel like a statistic but treated as a person whose comfort, welfare and safety comes first.

  • Ensuring our Returners Students from their Year Abroad/International Placement Years, Off-Campus Students, Postgraduate Students and Part-Time Students are contacted termly reminding them of the support constantly available to them.

  • Returners will also attend an informal forum refreshing you on the University Services available to you upon arrival back at UoN.

  • Opportunities for further immersion, such as becoming a Welfare Representative for your cohort of students will also be available for application. Your position will be elected by your peers who will hold you responsible for collating their opinions and feeding back to me- together we will help create solutions for any issues that may be raised.

  • An official online forum/collective space will be designed so that you are able to easily connect and network with other like-minded individuals; this space will detail the University’s Student Support Services alongside details about the city of Nottingham, the University Campuses, from activities to transport to maps to a list of societies, to ensure you feel fully immersed and welcome to your student-city.

  • This level of inclusion will also incorporate our extensive Medical population in Derby/QMC/City, Lenton and Dunkirk. You will be invited to give termly feedback on the state of your own personal Welfare using your elected Welfare-Representative and will receive a list of Services at the start of each academic term to ensure your Welfare is tended to and not forgotten.

  • Visiting every On Campus Hall on University Park, Jubilee and Sutton Bonington as well as our Students in Nottingham 1, Manor Villages, Raleigh Park, St Peter’s Court, Broadgate Park during Welcome Week so that my students, from First to Final Year, Freshers to Postgraduate Studies, Local, National and International are all aware of their Welfare Officer and who to contact at moments of need.

  • Working closely with the Welcome Week Committee to ensure our Freshers’ transition from home to University is fully comfortable, welcoming and ultimately a ‘home from home’ experience.


  • Any concern raised is equally important and treated with strict confidence.

  • Ensuring every Student Society and Sports Team has at least one Committee Member who is First Aid trained and responsible for the overall Welfare and wellbeing of their Society.

  • I wish to establish an umbrella hierarchy whereby each Society/Team/JCR feeds back to me termly to ensure any issues are being dealt with rapidly and efficiently with help from higher and official Support.

  • I will introduce a mandatory training session in Autumn Term for the elected representative to attend which will highlight how to deal with raised concerns in an efficient, confidential, compassionate and ultimately unbiased manner.

  • Alerting the Head of Departments and Personal Tutors to the importance of making their students aware of Extenuating Circumstances, DRF/ARF’s and the Academic Services for efficient time management, information on how to eradicate stress when working under pressure and so implementing a more humane approach to academic studying.

  • Effecting change in our current Welfare Terminology so that students do not feel categorised or isolated with generic labels. I wish for you to feel fully comfortable and in control of your current Welfare situation and so seek to revise the ‘Disability’ label. Those of us who have a Long Term Medical Condition will be entitled the option of being to referred to as LTMC on official documentation if personally desired.

  • Prioritising sexual safety and awareness by introducing a compulsory, online course on Consent for everyone to undertake at the beginning of their study at The University of Nottingham.


Introducing termly Well-Fairs (November, January and April) on Campus whereby representatives from each of our extensive Student Services such as our Voluntary Service, our Employment Service, Night Owls, Student Minds, Nightline, Safe Sex Campaign, Financial Support, Counselling Services, Cripps, Support for Sexual Abuse, have a stall so that students can ‘refresh’ themselves on the University and SU Services that are available to them. This grants you with a personal and physical interaction with the Welfare representatives that are here for you with the intention to support you through every aspect of your university career should you wish to use them. My main and primary concern is that your needs are continuously addressed, accommodated and met in a manner that fits your own lifestyle so that you are able to make the most out of your University experience in a healthy and safe way.

Putting the ‘WE’ into ‘Welfare’ by prioritising YOU:

Ensuring you know who I am by maintaining a welcoming, approachable and dedicated physical presence on Campus, at Students Events and a sustained presence Online presence so that you are kept updated with everything Welfare and the changes we seek to implement.

Introducing a ‘We-Me’ box in the SU Buildings- for you to submit your thoughts or queries in a free and unjudging space. Submissions are entirely personal and can either remain anonymous or include your university email address for a personalised and directed response.

‘WelfareWednesdays’– One Wednesday a month I would like an open forum to take place in The Studio for you to drop in for a cup of tea, chat, sit in silence, meditate, doodle, vent, create art, all in the comfort of a confidential and inviting space. This will allow you to take a moment and self-reflect on any worries you may be having over the month and express it in a personal manner so that you feel personally invigorated and restored.
Together, we will be there ready with tea and copious amount of hugs, because sometimes a friendly smile, a warm hug and a listening ear is just the thing we need after a long week.


I would like to thank you for taking the time out to read the changes I am passionate about instilling so that your experience at The University of Nottingham is supported throughout its time and truly becomes the wholesome and enriching journey we, collectively, envision it to be.


  • Course Representative for English and American Studies 2012/2013

  • Welfare Officer for AmeriCan Society Committee 2013/2014

  • Peer Tutor for English and American Studies 2013/2014

  • International Relations Officer in Vermont, USA 2014/2015

  • Sewa (Welfare and Charity) Co-Ordinator for Hindu Society Committee 2015/2016

  • Course Representative for English and American Studies 2015/2016

  • Social Media Manager for Impact Magazine 2015/2016