Rachel Hoskins

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Reaching students online

Create an accessible online space for Equal Opps and Welfare resources available for all students:


  • All information for the liberation networks i.e. LGBT, BME, Disabled Students, Women’s, International and Mature networks
  • Summary of student run services (night-line, night owls and student minds) with links to resources and a description of when/how to use these services
  • Detailed information on the uni counselling service and interim activities and app links
  • Links to NHS resources – including:
  • information on the sexual health services on all campuses with clearer information on the NHS services available to SB students and inclusion of LGBT specific resources
  • Information on extenuating circumstances and in school contacts
  • Using the prototype of the “change-it” reporting system creating a means of reporting inaccessible areas on campus instantly for students with accessibility issues
  • Sport section about welfare systems and contacts

Reaching students through inclusion and interaction

‘Talk about it’: year long video campaign made collaboratively with student groups/liberation networks from all campuses to normalise ‘difficult’ discussions, reduce stigma and educate students on how to approach topics in a respectful manner

Six main topics to cover include but are not limited to:

  • Mental Health – stigmas, symptoms and support
  • Disability – stigmas (ableism), accessibility and support
  • Racism and Xenophobia – (BME and international), stigmas and inclusivity
  • Religion – Faith, spirituality and discrimination
  • Gender – Identity, expression and discrimination
  • Sexuality and Romantic identity – complexities, identity and discrimination
  • Potential working with NSTV and URN to make multi-platform resources

Student Memorial on Campus

Establishing an on campus memorial on University Park for students who have died while studying at the university:

  • Memorial for those who have lost friends and wish to pay their respect and a space for peaceful reflection for those who have lost loved ones whilst at university

Supporting students through sports groups, societies and networks

Crisis training to be provided for all officers, student leaders (including sports and societies) and JCR welfare representatives:

  • Equip such leaders to properly support the students they represent and be a point of contact for welfare needs, making asking for help easier for students

Supporting student welfare through schools

Provide more welfare support through university tutors: create resources – both online and through training and workshops – for personal tutors explaining the welfare resources available to students

  • Investigate the potential for optional crisis training for tutors

Supporting the presence of the liberation networks and EOW on non-UP campuses

  • Continued constant interaction with other campuses, providing support
  • Establishing the presence of more liberation networks on SB

Maintaining interaction with students

  • Ensuring that students are aware of changes coming into place under ‘Project Transform’
  • Support students through these changes