Paige Roden

Hi everyone! I’m running for Equal Opportunities & Welfare Officer because I have a huge passion for helping people. Throughout my time at university I’ve been involved in welfare, volunteering and fundraising groups and I’d like to take this even further. I’ve spoken to many groups/individuals across all campuses over the last few months to gather ideas and feelings about welfare and the SU, thus I believe that my points embrace our vast range of students.

My manifesto is divided into two areas: comfort and diversity. By attending to these I’ll strive to encompass our wide variety of students. To me the role is about being there for people and being a figure they can approach; sometimes all we need is ten minutes and a cup of tea. If elected I promise to provide support to any student who needs it, and a good range of teas. My points are:

Photo of Paige Roden


  • Install more water dispensers in libraries/main buildings. Hydration is a basic essential for effective studying so more sources should be readily available across all campuses in areas where students are most likely to be studying.

  • Engage more taxi companies in conversations about the safe taxi scheme. Having more than one company involved increases the likelihood of getting into a safe taxi, so students can feel more comfortable about getting home, especially after a night out.

  • Welfare reps on each course society. It can be daunting speaking to professionals, especially in first year, so it’s important to have someone relatable to talk to about academic-based topics. Students can approach non-academic figures that have already experienced university.

  • Strive to reduce myths/stigma surrounding mental health. Some ideas include: welfare groups based nearby/inside Cripps Health Centre to help with registering and publicise services in Welcome Week, goodie bags with details of services, supporting medical associations with hosting welfare events, and continuing the “Little Pick Me Ups” campaign.


  • Continue supporting the hopper bus campaign for Derby-based students. The problems with the service are affecting physical and mental wellbeing due to the stress of trying to access the campus, so the Officers need to carry on pushing this campaign and work together to reduce such stress and take care of the welfare of Derby students.

  • Spread gender neutral toilets around campuses more. There are still many buildings that have just cis male and female toilets and we should promote and encourage gender equality, starting with a review of the existing policy.

  • Collaborate and work closely with the Postgraduate Officer to organise and host various welfare actions throughout the year that accommodate postgraduate needs and schedules, particularly at the start of the year and during the summer. A key idea includes the expansion of Welfare in Sport and spreading it to the Postgraduate community.

More generally speaking, I want to regularly check in with committees to see how they’re balancing responsibilities, encourage collaboration between groups and Officers to ensure as many students are reached, and strengthen communication/relationships between groups. Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto, best of luck to everyone running in the elections, and thank you to everyone who votes for me!