Mary McCarthy

Making You Matter

Hello, I’m Mary McCarthy and I am running to be your SU President! Over the past couple of months I have met with as many students as possible to create a manifesto that has been made by the students, for the students. Making your life easier, and making you matter.

Photo of Mary McCarthy

I will endeavour to:

Advance academic provisions

  • Ensure all appropriate lectures are recorded.
  • Increase printer credits.
  • Enable Post-Graduates to keep the same email they used as under-graduates.
  • Improve the relationship between the presidents of courses, societies and sports, and their specific alumni.
  • Bring in microwaves, kettles and toasters facilities in main work spaces.
  • Introduce headphone hire in addition to laptop hire.


Enhance the current Student Card System

  • Online credit top up to use on buses, cafes and across all campuses.
  • Incorporate expiry dates on cards for discounts.
  • Propose rollover credit on meal cards.
  • Enable the usage of meal cards in Mooch and the SU Shop.


Create a Lenton Hub

  • A Students union hub in the heart of Lenton, with accessible university facilities including;
  • Printing
  • Group meeting spaces
  • Café / bar
  • Subject specific computers


Introduce Week Zero

  • Welcome week focused solely on socialising and settling in, to reduce the pressures on new students during their first week.
  • Free of lectures and academic timetabling.
  • A welcome fair with all sports, societies and SRS’s in one place.
  • More time and opportunity to try various different societies and sports.
  • Optional sexual consent classes.
  • Introductory, academic, and pastoral sessions starting in week one.


Improve Welfare

  • Lobby the university to improve the standard of food around campus, to accommodate for all dietary requirements.
  • Introduce pop up food stalls in Portland and The Barn.
  • Improve the hopper buses, specifically those running to Derby Campus.
  • Increase the number of counselling hours across all campuses.
  • Mental health first aid training course for all SRS, society and sport committees.
  • Introduce an International JCR Rep on all campuses.
  • Ensure all buildings have a gender neutral toilet.
  • Events and support for post-graduates over the summer period.


Devise a Student Friendly IT System

  • One app with everything online in one single place;
  • Bus times,
  • Online room booking system,
  • Interactive map of campus,
  • Timetable app,
  • Careers information,
  • Moodle, Blue Castle, Portal, EE Portal, Welfare and the SU all together.