Martina di Costanzo

We went from ZERO to our own HEROES!

Hi! My name is Martina di Costanzo, I am an
ITALIAN first-year student of
Psychology and Philosophy, and I want to be YOUR Officer 2016/2017!

Photo of Martina di Costanzo

I want to REPRESENT you as I am sensitive towards women’s issues, because I think that we don’t need a Superman to save the day.

Raising awareness for this problem took years, but we are finally heading to the right direction. Our century has seen outstanding goals concerning this issue, but we all know that’s not enough.

I think…
By the time this issue is addressed at a university level, it is already TOO LATE. Inspiring the new generation of women in believing in the power of their minds should start in middle school…

NO tolerance for …

  • Sexual harassment
  • Gender differences

My experience as Charity Campaigner, Course Rep and Ski Rep gave me the right skills and attitude to ensure that women & transgenders of any social and cultural background of the University of Nottingham will be constantly, effectively and equally represented.