Lux Huntington

A bit about me

I’m a second year philosophy student and I hope to go on to do a masters in feminist philosophy/philosophy of gender, and then move on to a PhD.  Career-wise, I’d love to be involved in some form of LGBT politics.

I realise that hobbies etc. aren’t especially relevant for a manifesto, but for the purpose of ‘getting to know me’: I’ve got a small cat called Miro and other than hanging out with him and my friends, drumming and painting, I do very little. (Free time to be officer!! Another pro.)

Photo of Lux Huntingdon

What I’ve done for the SU so far

  • In my first year I was the LGBT Officer for the Women’s Network. I asked for a revision of their definition of ‘woman’ (because it wasn’t inclusive of female presenting but otherwise identifying individuals) and this year – thanks to Zoe Jackson – the definition has changed to be more inclusive. I also helped organise the Tim Burton themed Networks’ Ball. This was a formal event joining together the LGBT Network and the Women’s Network.
  • This year I’m one of two social secretaries for the LGBT Network. I’ve been involved with running stalls, creating safe and inclusive events, setting up the website, helping ensure the welfare of our network members, etc.

Events that I’ve taken part in organising this year include:

  • Kitty Cafe trips: booking out the entire cafe for an LGBT safe space and non-alcoholic event
  • The Spring Formal: the night included a buffet, gender neutral toilets, a photo booth, and a quiet room where people who were overwhelmed by the ruckus could sit for a moment to collect themselves. The after party was held at Propaganda and we put money behind the bar, as well as including a free shot and free entry.
  • Bar crawls: In and around Nottingham at LGBT friendly bars and clubs where possible. Discounted drinks and free entry are available at most venues.
  • Every week we either gather on campus for tea and cakes around lunchtime or we go to mooch in the evening and then head to propaganda for their discounted Wednesday nights.
  • Film screenings of LGBT films.
  • A Trans* meet up at Jamcafe to listen to live music and create an environment in which trans* people felt comfortable and safe.

*All events I’ve helped organise/organised myself have included a first aid kit (with basics for general health as well as sexual health and sanitary products), vegan and gluten free food options, and -where possible – a quiet space. Safe space policy is also encouraged. This is the idea that there is no prejudice at our events and that we don’t mention people we’ve seen outside of the events due to respecting that they might not be ‘out’ in terms of their LGBT identity.*

What I plan to do as LGBT Officer

  • Put an anonymous suggestions box up on the website
  • More online polls to see what our members want
  • I’d like to use the website more – to have regular blog posts and to make sure that every member of the network knows that it’s a resource that’s available
  • Make stash available for members of the network, not just committee. This stash would be different to the committee stash so that the committee would stand out at events (so that they’re easier to find) but would still include the LGBT Network’s logo and other optional features.
  • More intersection based events: LGBTQPIA+ communities have many intersections and bringing people together who are similar creates a supportive and comforting environment. Events would be similar to the Trans* Jamcafe event; they’d be low-key, chilled out meet-ups. Of course, allies would be welcome as these events would not be exclusive.
  • I’d like the network to become more involved in campaigning. Issues that affect LGBT people at university and the wider world should be recognised and we should take part in fighting for our rights.
  • Collaborate with Nottingham Trent to make bigger and better events with LGBT students from both universities.
  • Finally, I’d like to set up a zine. An online magazine would include updates from the committee, parts of dissertations and essays that people at the university have written on LGBT topics, poetry, art, articles on LGBT news, etc. This would be an amazing way for people to stay up to date with LGBT news within the university and without.

Quotes from current LGBT Network members

"Lux has already made such a beneficial change in the LGBT Network, and they will continue to make even greater changes when elected president. The gays+ love having a good time so the gays will love Lux (as network president)."

Ellis, a queer qt

"Lux takes great care of me so I’m sure they’ll do a great job at taking care of the gays+ as well"

Miró, Lux’s small cat

"Lux is the pied piper of the gays."

Gaby, a blossoming bisexual

"10/10 would bang."

Sam, Lux's long-term significant other

"Lux 4 the gays!"

Paige, a sizzling social sec