Lauren Heria

Lauren Heria for Sports Officer



  • Sports Exec: Women’s Football IMS Co-Ordinator – 2015/2016
  • Welcome Committee: Daytime Co-Ordinator – 2015
  • Women’s Futsal Co-Ordinator – 2014/15
  • Welfare in Sport Committee – 2016
  • Week One Rep for Broadgate Park – 2014
  • #WeCanPlay Ambassador – 2016
  • Women’s Football Tour Sec – 2015 & 2016
Photo of Lauren Heria


  • Better Understanding and Access to Facilities

    Implementing a ‘try before you buy’ sports facilities tour onto the introductory timetables for new students, with the ability to ‘opt in’ for current students. As well as developing online booking for all facilities, and online ‘how to’ videos for the new facilities.

  • More Equal Representation for all Sports Students

    Holding bi-monthly forums for similar sports clubs, JCR Sports Secs, SB sports societies, as well as IMS, Engage Ambassadors and Disability Sport facilitators. Allowing students to have more opportunities to have their voice heard, learn from each other and access the needed support.

  • Greater Spectator Support for UoN Sports Teams

    Working alongside SRS’s (NSTV, Impact and URN) and utilising UoNSport social media to profile one team a week as the sport of the week to watch. Along with creating a Supporters Facebook Page and App to promote and report on Sports Events.

  • Better Support for UoN Sports Committees

    Introducing a ‘Sports Club Exec’ to support Club committee members in delivering their roles.

  • Continued Commitment to Welfare in Sport

    Bringing ‘Welfare’ and ‘Inclusivity’ positions onto the Sports Exec to provide a link between Sports, Welfare societies, and networks within the Students’ Union.

  • Sports Reward Scheme

    Introducing a scheme that gives clubs tangible rewards for their achievements; both on and off the pitch, court, track, or out of the pool and gym.

  • Sports Alumni Scheme

    Working alongside Alumni Relations and Sports Clubs to improve connections between sports teams and their corresponding alumni.

  • Better Information on Sports Scholarships –

    Widely promoting the opportunities to gain scholarships to both perspective and current students, as well as providing current students better information on achieving sports scholarships abroad.