Katie Leach

I’m Katie Leach and I’m a third year Psychology Student. I care about people, I care about the university and I want to make people’s experience at university the best it can be. The Students Union and the University has many positives and I plan on sustaining these whilst being open to criticise. This will enable me to identify issues to create practical solutions to enhance student’s experiences.

CommunicationTo increase communication between bodies within and between campuses via a welfare network that will be developed.

Accessibility – Educate all on the services already available through training on signposting and listening, particularly tutors and welfare representatives. Specific help with counselling service and promotion.

Support – Improve direct support of welfare related people to ensure their welfare is supported. Introduce branding for liberation networks and international representatives and a welfare role for Postgrads.

Promotion and Awareness – To develop a welfare website and welfare twitter. To ensure every student knows what is available to them. To increase my own understanding.

Wellbeing and Happiness – Make use of the beautiful campuses to increase general mood of students i.e. increased benches. Help new societies aimed at increasing peoples welfare to become grounded.

Photo of Katie-Leach


  • To improve communication between student groups, the Students Union, the University, Cripps Health Centre and charities.
  • Create a dedicated Welfare Network for all groups involved in welfare and equal opportunities, no matter what the area or issue. With regular meetings with everyone involved with welfare at the university in order to facilitate the efficient planning and implementation of welfare events and strategies.
  • Improve the welfare services available on ALL university campuses through the introduction of the Welfare Network.


  • Decrease the waiting time for the university counselling service by lobbying for more staff and through more effective signposting to specialist services and groups.
  • Have all tutors attend sessions to educate them on directing students to the correct service when needed.
  • Increase the awareness of the brilliance of the Student Advice and Representation Centre and everything it can do to help.
  • Have all welfare representatives attend training to help them learn about effective listening and signposting.
  • Increase number of and promotion of help sessions/workshops to help deal with course stress such as events outside, meditation, art activities and much more.


  • Create a welfare position for Post Graduate students.
  • Liberation Networks – to ensure they are branded in the way they wish, support them in their campaigns and identify what they want to achieve.
  • Campaigns such as reducing the myths and stigma and creating awareness around mental health and mental health support for example Time to Talk, World Mental Health Day and many more.
  • Help the new International Representative in halls to feel confident in their role and support them in the areas they wish to focus on by meeting regularly to gain feedback.


  • Create a twitter account which is just for information about the events related to Mental Health and Sexual Health and activities.
  • Make sure every new student at the university is aware of what welfare is at the university and what can be done to help them, where they need to go and what to do through a week one which gives greater focus on wellbeing and a signposting starter pack explaining all services at university.
  • Create and publicise a welfare website designed to encourage and improve access and understanding of the welfare services, events, networks, workshops for the whole student body, whether it’s those in halls, second, third years or postgraduate students.
  • To increase my awareness. I understand that everybody’s welfare needs are different and I pledge to continue to take time to inform myself and learn from others the experience of students from different perspectives in order to better understand the welfare issues for different groups on different campuses and create practical solutions based on these experiences to improve students’ time at university.


  • Increase the number of benches around campuses which would be lovely in the spring/summer months to enjoy our beautiful green campuses and increase the opportunity for picnics as well as the providing more rest stops around campus to increase accessibility.
  • To get on board with and support the upcoming Unwind Society in order to help those who may be struggling to fit in/have welfare issues or just want to go along and make new friends.

I pledge to put everything into the role to learn and understand how welfare can be improved at the university to make everyone’s university experience as Peachy as it can possibly be.


  • Ambassador Roles: Summer School Ambassador, Student Ambassador, Ambitions Ambassador, Primary Ambassador.
  • Mentoring: IntoUniversity Mentor, E-Mentor, Peer Mentor
  • Committee Positions: PsychoSoc (Treasurer, VP), Science Ball (Entertainment organiser), Created Summer School Society and then went on to be Welfare Officer and then Social Secretary.
  • Volunteering: Feeding the Homeless, FAST: Improving social skills in families, HeadWay, IntoUni Buddy Days
  • Paid Work: Widening Participation Officer, Tesco, Teacher Assistant, Waitress