Jess Salisbury

What started out as trivial ideas about meal cards in Mooch and phone chargers for rent on campus quickly turned into real conversations about the real issues in the SU.

I could write a manifesto that goes on forever but nobody wants that, so instead I have summarised it all into five sections: Welfare, Diversity, Cohesion, Education, Sports and Arts. At least one section will be relevant to every single student. I’ll let you pick which ones you read!

Photo of Jess Salisbury


Once bitten, twice shy. It can be difficult to know which of the support services to turn to, and if directed to the wrong place, students are much less likely to ask for help a second time.

  • An SU webpage clarifying welfare services and how to access them would provide answers the first time questions are asked
  • Improving staff knowledge to ensure students are always sent in the right direction
  • Providing tutors with a better understanding of mental health so they are able to pick up on welfare problems more quickly and adopt a more preventative approach

Building a good foundation. The culture of student led groups impact their members’ welfare.

  • Introducing welfare committee training for all student groups to encourage positive culture.


Listening to everyone. The key to representing the whole student body is to listen to you.

  • Facilitating regular focus groups between the SU and its students

Welcoming everyone. Welcome week is a difficult transitional period for most.

  • Continuing International Welcome Week with focused events during the arrival of UK students will avoid these students feeling abandoned and ignored
  • Supporting International Hall Reps with relevant welfare training and points of contact
  • Providing more Postgrad welcome events to engage new and returning students with the SU

Celebrating everyone. It’s difficult to showcase of all our students, but we shouldn’t stop trying.

  • An SU news page would allow students to submit news pieces and publicise achievements
  • A termly SU events calendar with various subcategories (eg. Sports, arts, careers) which can then be selectively imported onto students’ phone calendars to improve targeted outreach


Getting from A to B. Transport across UoN campuses should be as accessible as possible.

  • It is essential to push for an improvement of hopper bus services from UP to UNAD.  This transport is an absolute necessity for students based there on a daily basis
  • Implementing a midday route via Kegworth on the Sutton Bonington hopper bus
  • Advertising the accessibility of Sutton Bonington and Jubilee Campuses

Showing off campus diversity. Our campuses are all unique and absolutely beautiful, let’s show it.

  • Promoting and learning from SB’s community feel and involvement with the community
  • Increasing hopper buses during the SB Farmers’ Market to encourage student attendance


Keeping it consistent. Regardless of course there should be a consistency in resources and teaching.

  • Ensuring a consistent provision of past papers and mock exams across modules and courses
  • Developing a lecture recording system which has the capacity to cope with high demands
  • Providing IT training and support for academic staff using the current Echo 360 system


Publicising achievements. Celebrating diverse achievements across all sports.

  • An SU sport news webpage to centralise information and provide an equal representation
  • Promotion of sports on SB to all students so we can engage in cross-campus activities

Accommodating all students. No student should feel like they can’t get involved in sport.

  • A sport sessions calendar would to clarify the times of all sports activities allowing busy students (medics/nurses/PhDs)  to find a sport that fits their schedule
  • Implementing women only sessions at the gym and pool


Encouraging creativity. Currently our arts-based societies are under-represented and ignored.

  • An SU webpage where arts societies can publicise their news and events
  • An Arts Officer to lessen the burden on the Activities Officer and provide more support


What makes me qualified to be your President?

  • President of the Equestrian Club

Two years ago, as a fresher, I challenged myself to try something that I’d never done before – horse riding. Now I proudly lead a committee to provide the best experience possible for students engaged with the sport. This isn’t dissimilar to the role of SU President, who needs to quickly learn the needs of their students and lead a team of Officers to make decisions that will provide positive change.

  • Development of Inclusive Riding Sessions

As one of the few sport clubs to pioneer the inclusion of disability sports in its programme, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some incredible people that are part of our SU and student body. I am committed to the promotion of diversity and inclusivity and would like to continue this as President.

  • General Secretary for Nottingham Night Owls

Nottingham Night Owls are a new student-led volunteering service providing support for students on their nights out. I’ve seen just how much hard-work is put into the organisation of a student-led service and how supportive the SU are once they recognise your efforts.

  • Telephone Counsellor for ChildLine

My understanding of how to actively listen to others and to create an open and supportive relationship is key for this role that requires you to listen to and represent the SU student body. Too often people listen to formulate an answer, instead of listening to understand.

My campaign will be focusing around the visibility of our Students’ Union, so I’ll leave you with one key message:

Let’s make our students’ needs visible.

Let’s make our Students’ Union visible.

Let’s make our change visible.