Jack Barratt

Photo of Jack Barratt

Hello, my name is Jack Barratt and this is why you should vote for me to become the Disabilities Officer for the next year.

It is my belief that all students who that come to the University of Nottingham deserve a fair and equal chance at achieving their success and those who face difficulties due to disability are no exception. This support should not be limited just to getting students into the exam room, equipped to perform, but to also to be able to help them to engage with everyday aspects of University life.

In a recent student survey, just under 9% of respondents identified themselves as being disabled. Even though it is a relatively small amount in terms of proportion, 9% of 33,000 students is still a significant amount. For us, we all face different limitations, both metal and physical, and helping to improve a service that not only recognises these differences, but can also help in providing targeted support to those who need it. In the same survey, disabled students ranked their level of satisfaction and belonging with the University lower than other students, which I fervently wish to change.

What I want to do:

Simply put, disabilities shouldn’t and mustn’t stop people from learning. I will ensure this will not happen by:

  • Strengthening in-school support services to, and establish methods of, comparison between schools and create a better discussion on the matter that can potentially lead to University wide improvements.
  • Ensuring that future changes proposed or enacted by the University do not unfairly affect disabled individuals nor the services that support us and that if any changes are made then the students must be notified swiftly and surely.
  • Launching a survey to identify ways to better improve the metal health of disabled people to bring the levels of satisfaction and belonging with the University to the level shared and enjoyed by the majority of students every year.
  • Improving the Universities support services to help those who have not previously been seen as disabled with improvements to the wider testing of students for any factors that could harm their student experience.

Why you should vote for me

  • I personally believe that I am the best person for the role through my experience and personal commitment to previous roles.
  • My disability is mental in nature, mainly dyslexic with some dyspraxia and dysgraphia traits. This has limited me previously in that I need more time to project my ideas and my handwriting is not exactly golden. This however has not stopped me in gaining admittance to a Russel Group University.
  • These traits worried me when I came to university, especially doing an essay based subject like politics. However the disability support service helped me tremendously and I want to ensure that others gain the confidence that I was given through this support. They allowed me to not be hindered and be able to compete on an even field with my fellow students.
  • Whilst at the university I have been active within the student’s union as a President of Lenton and Wortley JCR in my first year and in my second chairing the Presidents Committee for the halls. Within these roles I developed skills of working with other students and University staff, how to plan and run large events and how to pass on skills to others which were invaluable during my involvement with the transport committee and project transform.

To finalise, I have a passion for supporting and improving the University support network and the practical knowledge with the University to carry it out well, as a person with a disability and as a student.

#BackBarratt for Disabled Student Officer!