Ismail Sadurdeen

Photo of Ismail Sadurdeen
  1. Inclusivity

  • To provide home students with an international experience by merging the International Welcome Week and Fresher’s Week. By having a two-week programme, British, EU and International students can have an opportunity to meet from Day 1.
  • Create an online Union calendar, which will be a one-stop destination to find out about all university events and set up interactive e-noticeboards across halls and departments to promote these events.
  • Launch the SU website on different platforms such as WeChat and Weibo to make it more accessible to foreign students.
  • To employ society specific Development Coordinators so as to enable students to get the best advice. For example, racquet sports will have an adviser from their field of expertise.
  • SU officers will release a monthly video highlighting the progress made by them to increase transparency and accountability within the union.
  • Reduce bureaucracy and red tape within the union to make it easier for societies to hold events.
  • To hold Union organised events including cultural nights and sports activities as an opportunity to meet and celebrate events together.
  1. Well-being and Welfare

  • Reform the personal tutor system to make it more ‘personal.’ Tutors should be the first point of contact for students to be able to discuss a variety of issues including homesickness, mental health and disability so that they can guide students in the right way if needed
  • Set up relaxation spaces across all campuses, which will include sleep pods and massage chairs amongst other things to create a friendly atmosphere.
  • Introduce cheaper and a greater variety of food options catering for different faiths and food intolerances across campuses.
  • Establish areas to prepare food/drinks in study spaces so you wont go hungry if you are spending long hours in the library.
  • Install water fountains in busy locations across campuses.
  • Increase bike storage facilities across campuses.
  • Reroute hopper buses to cover Raleigh Park and St. Peters Court
  1. Employability

  • Create an online buddy scheme to tap into the University’s global alumni network to facilitate career-focused interactions between students and alumni.
  1. Speakers Union

  • In collaboration with the societies, sports and Equal and Social Justice Network, the Union will invite local and international guests to create a forum for discussion and debate. This will be run separately with an elected committee and will have a neutral political stance
  1. Celebrating You!

  • I would like the Union to display motivational life stories of high achieving current students and alumni to provide us with the inspiration and encouragement to succeed in university.