Hayden Manuell


I’m Hayden Manuell. I’ve been at Nottingham studying maths for four years now and I’m eager to make life at UoN better for postgraduates. Here are some of my ideas – they’re also in my video manifesto, if you prefer!

Photo of Hayden Manuell


I propose a yearly event where PG students present 10 minute talks on their research to a general audience. This will improve the presentation skills of current PGs, educate and inspire audiences, build bridges between distant departments and foster a greater sense of community and engagement. There could even be prizes!


PGs are an often-overlooked demographic with a weaker sense of belonging, partially because of the high proportion of non-returners. To help this, I suggest introducing PG-only accommodation on University Park, with a view to create a PG-only hall there. This will grant more postgraduates easier access to events and services.


There is more to life than just academia after completing a PG course. That’s why I would look to arrange PG career events inviting companies who specifically recruit PhD and Masters students to broaden the horizons of PGs at the university.


Because of their schedules, many PGs miss out on the chance to enhance themselves and their CVs through volunteering. I would seek to encourage the SU to start giving guidance and raising awareness of one-off volunteering schemes that fit in with individual schedules.


Lack of direct communication about upcoming SU events and recent SU achievements can make PGs feel marginalised. That’s why I’d like to provide a short and concise e-mail straight from the PGO every month highlighting such important information.

Of course, all this would be on top of maintaining the current standard of the SU and continuing the legacy of previous PG officers, for example continued use of the ‘PG Chats’ app for feedback and communication.

Don’t hesitate to contact me by email at pmyhjma@nottingham.ac.uk, by posting on my Facebook page or Tweeting me @hayden4uonpg to ask any questions.

Thanks for reading! And don’t forget to vote!