Halil Ozkaraca

Photo of Halil Ozkaraca

Action execution when needed is much more significant than action execution when desired. As a passionate people’s person I believe that doing what is required by students who lookup to you for help or assistance holds primary importance and come before what you think is right for student. As a Presidential candidate for this year’s election, I would like to bring to the notice of my fellow university mates at Nottingham that I abide by the motto ‘Let actions speak louder than words’ and believe in serving in the best interests of all the students. A President representing their students at the university and being a voice to their concerns should be easily accessible and priorities issues addressed by students in a timely manner.

Being actively involved in social service concerns and political work from my early teens I have understood the fact that to enable easy and friendly approach by having regular interaction with students and by putting my best foot forward in answering student queries, grievances and complaints holds key as a responsible Presidential candidate.

Students often face problems with respect to their timetables and other course related issues which need to be dealt with swiftly, efficiently and effectively. Thus, I would make sure that best possible student welfare is enabled by apt and suitable academic timetables, putting forth the students’ voice to the faculty and other subsequent higher authorities.

As there are a lot of procedures in administration within the student union it becomes a tedious task for students who are often found at the receiving end. I would like to fix this issue by ensuring excellent administration within the core working departments of the Students Union which will promote better procedural flow of tasks.

The University of Nottingham is one of the most noteworthy culturally diverse institutions with students from all over the world who have their distinct and special identities. As a person who is intrigued and interested by people from different backgrounds I would want to make their University experience a memorable one. Hence, I will work prolifically in promoting better social and cultural harmony amongst students by conducting events and gatherings on a regular basis and would like to create a friendly aura at the University.

Another important aspect to every student during their University time is to have part time jobs and be able to find suitable work after their courses have completed. Thus, my sincere and the most spirited effort will be to work proactively in placing students for part time jobs during their courses and make sure that the University has more Job fairs, Placements forums and Corporate Exhibitions. I would like to pass on my final words to my fellow University mates that it is their union and I am would be a strong and impactful voice to their concerns and opinions so let’s say ‘United we Stand in making it work in the way you want’.