Emory Cunnington

Photo of Emory Cunnington
  • Continue to put pressure on the university to divest from fossil fuels, and invest in more ethical and low risk alternatives
  • Carry the Living Wage campaign on during my term in office, to try and achieve a fair wage for all university staff
  • Encourage the university to invest in renewable energy sources on campus, such as solar and wind power
  • Publicise the ESJ network more to try and make the larger student body aware of the work it does, and encourage them to take part
  • Expand the ESJ network out to all campuses, by creating and maintaining a strong dialogue between the representative for each campus
  • Carry on the regular ESJ network meetings throughout the year, and investigate whether any more societies could be added to, or become involved with the network
  • Continue to work closely with the societies that are part of the ESJ network, and utilise our combined resources to campaign for important issues within the university
  • Lobby the university to make all their accommodation more environmentally friendly, by implementing such things as motion sensitive lights in all common areas
  • Ensure all campuses are adequately provisioned with the resources to be environmentally friendly, for example by making sure there are enough recycling bins
  • Work with the Activities officer to make Week One events more inclusive, especially for students who do not drink or live on campus, and try to implement compulsory welfare and crisis training for all halls reps
  • Work with the Community officer to create an accredited “landlord list” with feedback on good landlords from current students. Also encourage students to push back the date they begin house hunting.
  • Work with the Equal Opportunities and Welfare officer to implement a streamlined and user-friendly service for dealing with sexual harassment at university.
  • Ensure all society presidents (at a minimum) get compulsory welfare and crisis training, and make sure that they know how to deal with a student who comes to them with a problem and how to further direct them
  • Work with the LGBT+ officer to push for more gender options in the university system, and the building of more gender-neutral bathrooms on all campuses
  • Work with the Disabled Students’ Officer to improve accessibility around campus, by ensuring that all new builds are fully accessible, and improve older buildings by creating more ramps, and making sure all broken down lifts are reported and swiftly dealt with etc.