Emma Connor

Hello, my name is Emma and I’m running for SU president.

During my time at the UoN the Students’ Union has given me great opportunities to get involved and do some amazing things! However I have noticed areas where the university experience could be vastly improved. I will endeavor to provide similar great experiences for all students, and improve upon the things that the SU need to be better at; creating a more collaborative and inclusive experience for all. Over the past few months I have met with as many students/groups that I have been able to. I believe that my manifesto points are realistic, achievable and representative of many issues that students currently have with the SU and University.


Photo of Emma Connor

Engaging all Students:

  • Review Welcome week – improve upon issues with this year’s Welcome Festival, extend international week, improve support for international students and move to include EU Students also, as well as improving visibility of Networks & SU services.
  • Set up a Jubilee Committee to open up discussion about: creating a dedicated SU space on Jubilee, opening a bar and reviewing the quality of current services (e.g. the shops)
  • Strive to provide more support for Healthcare Associations, Including a review of transport issues, continuing the Derby Hopper-bus campaign and providing more support for those with issues on placements with accommodation and transport.
  • Collaborate with the Postgraduate officer to create a series of events for Postgraduate students who are still at University & working hard during the summer months.
  • Celebrate our successes more – Better promotion of the amazing things that UoN students do.

Making your life easier:

  • Review consistency between schools & departments in regards to personal tutoring, module support and subsidiary module availability.
  • Create a Committee Guidance Book providing groups with easy access to SU processes and the ability to hit the ground running after handover, personalized & adaptable to each group’s needs. (Provisionally including: SU staff contact details, welfare & crisis information, services provided by other student groups & a standardised handover template)
  • Push for more workshops teaching life skills e.g. Dealing with personal budgets, how to organise bills and so on.
  • Revamp the SU Website to create better visibility and clear signposting to SU services, Networks, Student Run Services, Sports and Societies.

Improving your wellbeing:

  • Review food options across all university – especially regarding students with medical, religious and personal dietary requirements. Current provisions do not reflect the needs of students.
  • Review visibility and accessibility of mental health services across all University sites.
  • Work towards making the Lenton Boulevard/Derby Road Crossing safer.
  • Look into creating site specific gym memberships.
  • Continue efforts to create a functional ‘Rate Your Landlord