Emily Mills

Photo of Emily Mills

Integration of SU:

  • Create stronger relationships between the SU and student groups, through drop-in sessions that can be used to discuss issues and ideas.
  • Increased collaborations with other bodies such as the SB Guild, UNAD, Post Grads and MedSoc.
  • Act as a support and advice mechanism when needed.

Portland Building:

  • Continue the development of Portland Building, creating a multi-functional space that is central to the SU, and is created for students by students. This will include:
    • Creation of more space for student groups, tailored to their specific needs
    • More storage with electronic key card entry

Training & Rewards:

  • Review the training of student group committee members to achieve greater clarity of roles.
  • Raise awareness of Post Grads, Satellite Campuses and International Students, to increase participation and make societies more inclusive.
  • Use society feedback to introduce new STARS rewards that will reflect societies quality of work and commitment, as well as what they can actually utilise.

Welfare in Societies:

  • Continue to work with the Welfare Officer ensuring there is a greater understanding by tutors that students have multiple commitments.
  • Investigate the implementation of a ‘Welfare in Societies’ scheme, following on from the success of Welfare in Sports.

Welcome Fair:

  • Through better promotion and advertising, raise the profile of Welcome Fair, with the aim of increasing societies’ memberships.
  • Create a Welcome Week app that includes a map system, whereby students can locate stalls with ease.
  • Lobby to use the new David Ross Sports Village as the site of future Welcome Fairs, increasing the integration between sports, societies and student run services (SRS).


  • Organise more events to showcase the talents and accomplishments of societies and SRS’s.
  • Linking into the forum section of societies council, create an online space for organising inter-society events. With the potential for societies to collaborate with both sports clubs and JCRs.
  • Use my knowledge of SU event planning to set up workshops to help and support those wanting to organise events.


I have worked closely with our Students’ Union throughout my years at university, and feel this has given me the relevant skills and knowledge necessary to be Activities Officer.

  • JCR Activities Rep
  • WeekOne Rep
  • Grad Ball Committee
  • Member of SU Events Team
  • Events Rep on Societies Council Committee