Elina Ioannou

My name is Elina Ioannou and I am a 3rd year Biology student running for Activities Officer 2016.

I am currently one of the Presidents of the Belly Dance Society and an active member of LBSS. I have also been Publicity Officer and Acting Social Secretary of the Belly Dance Society 2014-2015, a member of the BioSoc Netball Team and have taken part in other sporting activities in the university. I am running for the position of Activities Officer because I have experienced the benefits of being an active member of our SU societies and would like to be able to give as many students as possible the opportunity to do the same.

Photo of Elina Ioannou

Three Main Aims:

Tackle the lack of engagement of students to participate in societies and other activities

  • Create an online timetable or app – users will be able to enter their interests and availability, or even sync with the SU timetable. This ensures there is a system in place for people to easily find a society and activity they would like to take part in, and subsequently find the timings and location of the sessions.
  • I aim to take this further by increasing the communication between the societies and have more collaborative events. From this, the experience of the larger societies will help improve less equipped societies, and it will provide everyone involved with a new perspective of the Students Union. This will increase exposure for all societies (particularly the smaller ones) as well as expanding the portfolio of events for our students. Bringing everyone together to collaborate in this way will present a more united SU that can only improve.
  • Develop the welcome festival further to increase society membership.
  • Increase awareness of less competitive sports teams as well as societies for those that have less experience in their specific activities.
  • Introduce a buddy system so people attend new societies together, so fear of attending activities alone can be avoided.
  • Increase awareness that Wednesdays are not free for everyone (e.g. those on placement), the societies’ activities app will also help these individuals find activities they can attend around their university timetable.
  • Increase the number of spontaneous activity days by organising events like the Up & Go event that happened on campus last year and other similar events.

Improve the society room booking system

  • Adjust the current point system in a way that allows smaller societies to grow with more equal opportunities to gain a Gold Society status whist still rewarding the larger societies for their continued success.
  • Change the initial room booking allocation structure, where it will be an online first come first serve basis to avoid the queuing of committee members at early hours of the morning.
  • With the creation of the societies/activities app, room bookings will be available for everyone to check on a daily basis avoiding any confusion of societies having different activities in different locations.
  • Implementing my new system to increase room booking etiquette on communal rooms between societies. A three strike system will ensure that societies will respect other society’s activities that will use the rooms after them. Societies will be required to ensure the room is in a suitable condition for the next activity, so as not to affect them. This is a key issue that I have encountered regularly in the activities I have personally taken part in.

Promote more cultural events and activities and increase the involvement of more international students

  • Organise more events like the Cultural Festival that happened at Re-fresher’s Fair