Dipen Patel 4 Reform

I am sick and tired of hearing about establishment Student Union politics, officers failing to get things done, students feeling distanced, it is time we take a stand, and demand REAL CHANGE and REAL REFORM. This is the most comprehensive plan any student will show; my plan shows the seriousness of the problems our SU face and the scale of reforms it needs to undergo.

  • Resigning within 50 days of taking my position if my democratic reforms are not enacted, I have a secret plan to make sure they are implemented.

  • I’m going to build a magnificent wall out of Lego, and get Trent to pay for it.

  • Abolishing Points-based rewards, replacing it with something much better, more rewarding and less bureaucratic.

Photo of Dipen Patel 4 Reform

Electoral and Political Reform

  • Renegotiating our membership with the NUS, with the results to be put to a ‘in’/’out’ referendum– We should not be part of an organisation that fails to condemn ISIS.
  • Reforming the ‘Union Council’ and abolishing all other unconstitutional bodies, to be replaced with a simplified student parliament with representatives from all areas of the university.
  • Secret Paper ballots to increase voter turnout, and voting booths in Portland and throughout the university during elections thus preventing and penalising peer pressure voting.
  • Devolution and fiscal autonomy to the full time executive of the SU and away from the unelected bureaucrats working in the SU.
  • Creating a full time treasurer role who is responsible with some of the newly devolved powers. All SU spending needs to be democratically accountable.
  • A weekly Q&A session with the SU president called – Presidents Question Time
  • Ending the pay of the unelected members of the Union Council (£20 per hour), it should be a privilege to represent students, NOT a chore!

Transparency and Free speech

  • Greater transparency in all decision making, including the SU treasurer publishing a full budget every year, followed by a Winter review in January. We will buy a red briefcase to carry the document of the budget.
  • Establish a Super safe space zone. The SU needs to be a 100% inclusive environment for everyone. University is about learning about new cultures and being inclusive. Students will be penalised if they break these rules, including those working for media outlets run inside and outside of the SU, editorial control of all Student media will be given to the President to prevent dissent.
  • Boycotting all the boycotts the SU and NUS boycott.
  • Exposing the SU policy of bulk collection of our data.
  • No platforming the No-platformers, they will be banned!

SU holdings LTD

  • Establish SU holdings LTD, a student run company providing all the student services in Portland. From food, to banking, including a lettings agency, instead of supporting the current tax dodging corporations, we’ll support the students. After 1 year, the company will be floated on the stock market. All current shops/food courts in the SU will either be brought out by SU holdings LTD or their contracts terminated, with SU holdings LTD stepping in. The SU shop will thus sell products at cheaper prices than Lidl.
  • Creating an SU investment bond to be paid at 4% per annum, students can save and earn, and members of the public can invest into student life, whilst the SU can leverage its assets to create a better student experience.
  • We will pressure any potential president who campaigns to increase frequency of hopper buses to drive the hopper buses – if I’m president, SU holdings LTD will buy more buses
  • Either no Lenton hub or A hub in every major student area, Lenton, Dunkirk, Nottingham city, Wollaton and Beeston, and London – SU holdings LTD will buy, maintain and build on the land to build the hubs.
  • SU holdings LTD will establish a pseudo-militaristic mandatory civic based programme for all students, the aim of this programme is to protect the values of the SU, gain team building experience, provide students with key employability and combat skills, build loyalty amongst the SU and its students.
  • Students will also be obligated to participate in special surveys for the greater good of student life.
  • SU holdings LTD will run an exclusive student Saturday night at the Studio to generate revenue.
  • SU holdings LTD will invest in Solar and wind power to be put around Portland.
  • SU holdings LTD will run; summer internship, industrial internship and graduate schemes.
  • SU holdings LTD will utilise its new found resources to create an extensive tunnel network in the University modelled on the success of Portland to Trent. The first route will be from Portland to Hallward, further routes subject to consultation.
  • SU holdings LTD will undergo a massive student house building programme.
  • After the floatation, Societies will automatically receive 10% of the shares in SU holdings LTD, which if our economic estimates are correct, means a permanent net increase of income to societies by 73.7% each year over a period of two decades.