Dina Elkordy

I will be running for Community Officer in this year’s Student Leader Elections. One of the main reasons I have decided to run is because as an international student I felt under-represented by the SU and this is something I will endeavor to change if I were elected. I also want to draw upon my experiences at university, both negative and positive, and act as a representative for all students to ensure a safe and friendly environment. From speaking to several student groups I decided to approach my manifesto from a student experience perspective. We often forget that university life can easily become overwhelming, but something as simple as knowing you are supported by your students’ union can make a world of a difference and give students the comfort they need to make it their home away from home.

I am currently on the Graduation Ball committee as well as an active member of the Nottingham New Theatre. I am also currently working with a local charity on a project providing supported housing for the homeless community in Nottingham. As such, I will be familiar both with working in the local community as well as the Students’ Union by the time I am elected.

Photo of Dina Elkordy

The main points I want to work on as Community Officer are:

  1. Lobby the university to keep fixed prices for halls
  1. Improve support provided by the university for victims of rape and sexual harassment
  1. Create an online space where students can find potential housemates
  1. Introduce a housing fair to ease the stress of house-hunting
  1. Provide international students with an overseas guarantor option when signing for a house
  1. Provide a night time bus service during exam time
  1. Maintain closer communication between officers and JCR committees to improve safety and awareness