Debbie Adeboyejo

Main Areas of Responsibility

  • Representing students’ academic interests to the University

  • The Education Network, working towards change in academic areas and Learning Community Forums.

Hi, I am DEBBIE ADEBOYEJO, I am currently a Post Graduate Sounding Board Representative from the Faculty of Social Science and I am running to be your Education Officer! No worries, this won’t be a long read as I promise to hit the nail on the head and save your time.

Photot of Debbie Adeboyejo


I am running to be the next Education Officer because I believe it is the position that provides the platform for me, to go further ahead to create more academic benefits for every student in the university.

It’s our University! It’s our Union!! It’s our Money!!! It’s our Education!!!!

So there could be much more, we could enjoy whilst being educated -to get access to resources we deserve. After getting a degree from University of Nottingham, we deserve to feel like we have made the right choice, invested in our futures and derived value for our money.

I am very passionate about Education and its protection from marketization. I am very sweet, approachable and friendly not withstanding I am committed to giving every student a VOICE.


I am currently a Post Graduate student pursuing a degree in MSc. Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Management. In my almost 5 months of studying here in Nottingham I have experienced an amazing culture of engagement from all types of students but also seen some gaps that need to be bridged.

  • I contested for and was elected as a Post Graduate Sounding Board Representative (Faculty of Social Science). The Post Graduate Sounding Board works with Course Reps to gather plights of students (the good and the bad), discuss, proffer likely solutions and presents to the Student Union and then the University Council.
  • I serve as the only Student Representative on the Faculty Teaching and Learning Board. On the Teaching and Learning Board, I am able to put forward the suggested strategic projects and ideas from students for consideration and implementation as it relates to Teaching and Learning.
  • I also serve as the Events Secretary of the Nigerian Society where I ensure that events organised are successful.
  • I am currently an International Student Caller with the School’s International Office. This affords me the opportunity to share my student-life experiences with prospective students and help them make the choice of University of Nottingham as it fits their career amongst other things.

All my experiences so far, has given me the necessary skills and knowledge to know the best possible ways to represent every student here in university of Nottingham. So I:

  • Understand education issues from both staff and student perspective
  • Know the dynamics of student representation on academic issues
  • Understand society needs on campus.

It has also given me a great sense of awareness of the breadth and scope of what a university as great as University of Nottingham can actually do. Please VOTE for me as your EDUCATION OFFICER, I want to be involved in Nottingham and make your Nottingham story even better!

As much as this is a plan stating major areas I will be working on, there is so much room for flexibility to include pressing subjects, as their need arise. Some of these areas are:


  • Are you aware of all the funding opportunities and finance schemes as it relates to your degree type and field of study or research?
  • Do you know how to apply or you are experiencing bottlenecks applying to the funding council?
  • Are you currently in some tuition trouble?
  • Do you have an idea to bring colleagues together to share profound academic insights and require funding?
  • Are you looking forward to a compelling campaign for more bursaries?

The scope of opportunities are wide and very available but not widely communicated. I will bridge this gap.


  • Do you need professional, confidential, free and impartial advice as it relates to student life balance, exam issues, financing amongst others?
  • Do you have long standing queries regarding education, housing and money?
  • Do you want to feel free to discuss pressing teaching and learning issues?
  • As an International student, do you experience difficulty finding part time jobs or internships after university?

I will help to maximise Student Advice Centre, to which many are not aware of and don’t take advantage of. The Student Advice Centre is a team that’s independent of the university and made up of permanent member staff employed by the Student Union. My focus will also be on increasing Career Support for International students through the International Student Career Support office.

I will also propose a Part-time Job Assessment centre which will work hand in hand with Uni Temps in Nottingham.


Block Modules

  • Do you feel rushed or exhausted through an intensive block module from 9 to 5pm spanned across a short number of weeks?
  • Do you also think that there is an increased level of disparity between the ‘academic experiences’ of Joint honours student compared to single honours counterpart?

Optional Modules

  • Do you want more information on optional modules?
  • Did you end up making the choice of an elective, pretty much two classes into it? More time to experience optional modules before making an informed choice?
  • More room in terms of capacity of students to be registered to take an optional module?

Late Resumption

  • Have you resumed late with several classes into the module already?
  • Did you fall ill in the course of study and still want to meet up with colleagues at due dates?

Part Time Students

  • Are you of the opinion that some courses are run without flexibilities or consideration for part time students?

I will push for a more effective spread out learning process and ensure that the feedback for modules be taken more important by the school through a continuous publishing of Student Evaluation of Modules (SEM) – this will be aimed at increasing students’ voice in evaluating teaching, through which all other arising module issues can be solved. Also bridge the gap in the learning experiences.

I will propose a student-run ‘Catch Up Clinic’ where fellow students can share their wealth of knowledge and experiences from a course they studied previously. This Catch up Clinic will work hand in hand with Personal Tutors to eliminate time schedule differences.


Knowing fully well that the university invests in research and provision of facilities to enhance learning processes.

  • I will propose that student inputs (drop-in sessions) be sought in a more tech-friendly way (as against physical appearance) before constructing new teaching buildings.
  • I will also propose that relevant extra-curricular activities that students excelled at, should be included in a special section created for this, in student transcripts.
  • I will promote the use of lecture Capture (online recording of lecturers) across all schools in such a way that the use of it will improve students satisfaction and accessibility of lectures whether physically present or otherwise for extenuating reasons.
  • Knowing our graduation dates right from the date of entry/admission into Nottingham is another thing I will push for its inclusion and implementation.


Building on everything I have said, it can sometimes be a herculean task, looking for who to approach when you’ve a problem relating to your degree or education. I am very much interested in hearing what you have to say, be it a problem, feedback, complaint or an idea. Feel free to approach me, you are always welcome to walk in and talk through these issues.

This is a Job for me. Your degree is going to fit with my policies!

Thank you for taking time to read my manifesto and I really look forward to meeting you during campaigning week to discuss more. Please remember to take a look at my Facebook Page for updates, tweet at me @debbieadeboyejo