David Garner

My aim is to remind the students of Nottingham that the SU is here for them!

As Education Officer and as a representative of the student body I would seek to ensure that everyone feels comfortable with their course, and with the quality of education they receive.

Photo of David Garner


  • Push for a move from handwritten to online feedback on coursework to ensure clarity of tutor’s comments, allowing students’ to get the greatest possible benefit from feedback.
  • Endorse the improvement of eduroam, to ensure that it can be accessed by students whenever required without issue.
  • Promote support for mental health; students suffering from a mental health issue are often anxious about asking for help, or feel uncomfortable requesting extenuating circumstances. I intend to encourage positive relationships between tutors and students to ensure that students feel confident engaging in a dialogue.
  • In the same vein, the establishment of a mental health workshop to take place during Welcome Week, discussing common signs and symptoms, as well as what to do and where to go next if a student is seeking help.
  • Tutorials and seminars are an integral part of a university course and provide valuable support to students of all schools, I will work to ensure that they are not unfairly cut or reduced.
  • Continuing the work of the previous Education Officer to see an increase in the number of lectures recorded and available online.
  • Encourage the improvement of links between schools and the libraries across all of the University’s campuses to make sure that reading lists are compatible with available books, as well as making key course texts available as e-books.
  • Better publicise available summer internships for all years, but especially First and Second years to help boost CVs and gain work experience.
  • Ensuring international students are familiarised with the university’s grading system to minimise confusion and promote clarity and understanding.
  • Working closely with the Activities Officer to make sure that students are able to find the time to enjoy extra-curricular activities and society events alongside course work.
  • Advocate the showcasing of modules in a school to other schools in the university to increase opportunities for students. Many students have an interest in taking a subsidiary module in another department, a language for instance, to broaden the focus of their degree.
  • Encourage reform of the exam timetable to ensure that no student has to struggle with more than one exam on the same day.
  • Provide resources for stress relief during exam period, such as bubble wrap boxes.


As a dedicated committee member and General Secretary of the Nottingham Liberal Youth society I have experience working with many of the University’s political societies, meaning that I have spent a great deal of time talking to, and engaging with fellow students about their beliefs and the causes that they support. I’ve also involved myself positively with some of the student-run services at the university, including engagement with writers for The Tab, and members of URN in their respective media outlets, and have taken part in a number of extra-curricular activities and demonstrations, including political debates, societies councils, and the Junior Doctor’s Strike.