Csongor Sovany

I am a second-year Politics and Economics student from the home of Goulash* (Yum). I love learning about different cultures and trying cuisines from around the world!

  • International Students’ Ball
    • My aim is to organise an official social event for EU and International students, as well as UK students, where cultural societies introduce themselves through performances.
  • Work closer with International Office
    • I will work closer with the International Office to support international students, raise awareness of ongoing events. Also, I would like to develop a system for cultural societies which helps them to reach out to students from countries their societies represent.
  • Networking
    • Another goal of mine is to build a strong network within the University to support international students. I will aim to organise a great variety of events with SU support, such as nights out, sport events, and activities that bring UK and International students together.

(*Goulash is one of the national dishes of Hungary.)

Photo of Csonger Sovany