My name is Christos Konstantinou. I am a 21 year old student currently in my  first year, studying BSc Finance, Accounting and Management.

Photo of Christos Konstantinou

I am standing to be the Mature Student’s Officer, because I want to illustrate ideas I have, which I believe may play a pivotal role in the development in areas where needed. I want to help addressing issues such as university life, self-esteem, respect and getting more students involved in activities, either by educational means, exercise or social events.

This role is crucial to me as I see it as a vast personal achievement; the chance to help others and to have a voice. I would represent the mature students of Nottingham by being a reliable, supportive and approachable officer always open to suggestions. I will try my best in order to highlight on their issues and promote them, as better as possible, in order for them to be given the appropriate attention.

The three main major changes I would like to make are:

  • An increase in the opportunity for mature students to meet socially (this would include multicultural events to increase bonding between students and also sports tournaments)
  • Campaign against the cuts planned by the government for maintenance grants, taking place in September 2016. This will have a gigantic effect on the current mature, low income and prospective students.
  • Support any student that may be facing problems, but wishes to speak to fellow students as opposed to university staff.

Students should vote me if they want a hard-working, caring and compassionate representative. I don’t claim to know everything, but I am dedicated to face each new hurdle with a growth mindset, and I would to the best of my ability, conduct myself in both my studies and representative role in an organised and professional manner.

All in all, I promise that I will be prepared and there to help them whenever students need me!

My word is my bond.