Beth Massey

For massive changes in education, vote Massey for Education

Hi, my name is Beth Massey and I want to be your next Education Officer.

I’ve been involved with the Education Network in the university from the beginning of my first year, initially as a Course Rep and now as School Education Rep for History. Ever since then I have been passionate about affecting change for students, both current and future.
I fully believe that you should study what you love and love what you study and it is my mission to make sure that each and every student graduates having had a fantastic time here. Our courses and teaching just being okay is not good enough for me.  Our university should strive for excellence in all areas through listening to its students and constantly making improvements, especially when it comes to academia.

From my experience, our university is very receptive to student feedback but without the right person steering the ship the student voice gets lost.

I know that I can be that person and I would love the chance to show you.

Photo of Beth Massey

My Manifesto

  • Transparency for module choices
    • We all deserve to be fully informed when making module choices for our degrees
      • I will push for online module fairs and availability of the previous year’s grades and the results of the surveys that we complete at the end of each module.
      • I will also drive for an “open Moodle” throughout the whole university.
  • Increased study space and facilities in key academic buildings
    • We currently have very few choices for group work or private study in departments and libraries
      • I will ensure that all free rooms are publicised online and on the doors of all teaching and computing rooms.
      • I will also lobby the university for better study space provision in all new buildings.
  • University-wide lecture capture
    • Students in all courses should be able to view lectures online especially considering how much money the university has put into ensuring the technology is available
      • I will continue to push departments to record all lectures and ensure that staff have training in how to use the technology.
      • I will also promote the need for lecture capture ambassadors in all departments.
  • Better student representation on school decision boards
    • Nothing should be more powerful than the student voice and we need to ensure staff are listening to students at all levels
      • I will standardise the current student representation network across all departments and ensure students’ voices are heard and acted upon.
  • Improved support for students who are studying abroad
    • Everyone should have access to study abroad opportunities and feel fully informed when making the choice of whether to study abroad as well as whereabouts
      • I will implement a buddy system for students who wish to study abroad with those who have done so already.
      • I will create Moodle pages for each partner university that students attend with key information and give the chance for discussion between attendees.

I will also be revealing more department-specific points during my campaign so watch this space…

My Experience

  • School Education Rep for History 2015-2016
  • Joint Group Coordinator of the Diabetes Support Group 2015-2016
  • Senior Student Ambassador 2014-2016
  • History Course Rep 2013-2016
  • Scrutiny Panel Member 2015
  • Elections Committee Member 2013-2014

For massive changes in education, vote Massey for Education