Becky Player

During my time at Nottingham, my participation in the Students' Union has played a vital role in giving me such a positive University experience. In 2014 I was a Karnival Representative and the Early Evening Coordinator for Welcome Week 2015. While these activities gave me the opportunity to engage with the Students' Union, they are only a small fraction of what the Union has to offer. Hence, I have discussed ideas with as many student groups as possible to create a manifesto that reflected this and could go on to benefit as many students at The University of Nottingham as possible.

Expanding ‘Try It’ sessions:

  • Work with Activities Representatives in JCRs to collaborate with societies to put on ‘Try It’ events in halls, bringing activities directly to students.
  • Encouraging ‘Try It’ sessions between societies, where they collaborate to try one another’s activity, rewarded through the Points Scheme.
  • Postgraduate ‘Try It’ weeks to boost Postgraduate involvement in activities.


  • Lobby for University Park’s Welcome Festival to be in one location to give students based there greater exposure to potential new interests.
  • Making sure that societies in Jubilee, Sutton Bonington and Derby campuses are equally supported during Welcome Week.
  • Work with societies to put on events during Welcome with the aim to increase the uptake of members and to create an even more diverse Welcome programme for students.

Publicity Support

  • An ‘SU Activities Calendar’ for all campuses to which societies/ JCRs/ SRSs/ networks can submit all activities and events happening in the following month. Distributed via email and social media, this will make it easier for students to see what is going on.
  • Furthering the support for committees to produce graphics for their events by utilising the skills of graphic designers within the student body and creating links to these students.
  • Making the societies section of the SU website easier to navigate and easier to edit for committees as part of modernising the website.


  • Create links between societies and employers to engage more students in the SU.
  • Introduction of SU certificates upon graduation documenting involvement.

Society Spaces

  • Continually working to make sure the Portland redevelopment includes functional, central spaces for societies.
  • Working to find better activities spaces for Derby campus students.
  • Creating an online system for room bookings so that committees can easily access available spaces.

Improved Training and Support

  • Providing training and support to University Park societies to help them to be more inclusive of students on all campuses (Sutton Bonington, Jubilee and Derby).
  • Improved handovers and training to help committee members manage their studies around activities.
  • Improve awareness of SU Welfare services during training available to students heavily involved in SU activities, especially during exam and deadline periods, to ensure course commitments do not create a barrier for students engaging with societies as much as they would like to.

Volunteering Links for Societies

  • Increase awareness of volunteering opportunities within the SU by improving links between Student Volunteer Centre and societies.

Greater Transparency of Funding

  • Committee workshops providing information about funding applications to give the process greater clarity.
  • Letting JCRs know in advance of any outstanding costs to their budgets from previous years.
  • Sharing which grants have been awarded to societies as recognition of their events and to give ideas to other societies on how to achieve similar funding.