Abel Hartman

Students face dodgy landlords, Wifi in halls is choppy, hall food is monotonous and often of poor quality, safety on nights out isn’t always assured, and more and more people are the victims of hate-crime of some form or sexual harassment.

The SU can do so much more to address these issues and bring the ‘Hart’ back to the community.

Photo of Abel Hartman

Ensuring a better and safer deal for students in rented accommodation off campus

Intervene in the housing market to make sure students receive high quality rented accommodation they deserve:

  • Publish a blacklist of dodgy landlords once the Housing Bill gains assent;
  • Build a reliable, accessible and independent Rate-My-Landlord website where reviews are submitted regarding landlords, agencies and properties;
  • Continue the on-going work to demand a published list of accredited landlord and agencies from the Council;
  • Create a university-backed guarantor system for international students reducing the upfront fees paid for not having a UK-based guarantor.

Making life on all campuses safer and enjoyable

Make life at university for first years in halls feel more like home on all campuses:

  • Campaign for higher internet speeds in halls, currently at ~4 mbps towards the UK national average of ~22.8 mbps;
  • Cater to a wider array of dietary requirements (halal, kosher, vegetarian);
  • Prompt completion of plans for meal cards with rolling credit;
  • Continue to deliver house-hunting presentations for first years.

With renovations on-going, I want to make Portland a student hub and a home away from home:

  • Open an inviting student-run café with a decent breakfast at student prices;
  • Open a bigger student-run bar where you can get a drink the evening
  • A greater variety of restaurants to cater to those who keep kosher, eat halal or are vegetarians or vegans;
  • Open a higher quality Asian-influenced restaurant;
  • Access to microwaves and kettles for students who bring lunch/dinner;
  • Make available flexible studying spaces with napping pods;
  • Increasing space for religious-groups to practice their faith;
  • More water-coolers in Portland, libraries and on all other campuses.

Celebrating the University’s international diversity as a community

  • Work with other officers to organize an official ‘International Week’ to celebrate the huge variety of cultures, religions and ethnicities in Nottingham;
    • Hold a food festival exploring the national dishes of the 150 different nations represented at the University.

Campus connections and welfare


  • Increase the number of bike racks and the amount of security cameras on campuses and in student areas in Nottingham;
  • Work with sabbatical officers to turn student ID card into a pay-as-you-go card for NCT buses (the 34, 35, and 36);
  • A more frequent, reliable and cheaper option for students travelling to Derby;
  • Negotiate discounts for students travelling in the Sutton Bonington vicinity, in Kegworth and Loughborough.

Mental health and clubbing safety

  • Improve mental health services and work to eliminate mental health stigma;
  • Work with Welfare officer to introduce a more regular presence of University groups such as Easy Tiger in clubs to prevent sexual harassment;
  • Help projects such as Night Owls to increase safety returning from clubs;
  • Engage with Nottingham clubs to ensure bouncers receive sexual harassment training.

Your union, your voice, our community

Local safety and representation

  • Work with newly elected Police Commissioner on student safety, sexual harassment, gender-related issues, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism;
  • Improve links with groups such as Nottingham Citizens and Bite the Ballot;
  • Lobby for student interests to be included in candidate manifestos in next year’s local Council elections.